Omega 3

Omega-3 the good oil ! Jade perch and silver perch - super foods

Australian JADE perch come from the Barcoo River in Queensland Australia!  Barcooriver

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The fat contained in these Australian JADE perch is the “good” fat, omega-3.

Way back in 1998 of over 200 seafoods tested by the CSIRO Jade Perch contained the highest levels of omega-3.

The second highest was the Sawfish, 1,667 milligrams of the good oil to every 100 grams.

Australian JADE Perch, from Queensland contained an incredible 2483 mg/100gm of omega-3 oils.


The marketing name, "JADE perch" was chosen because of the distinctive greenish, (JADE) colour displayed by the fish as the light catches the dorasl area scales. Jade also suggests something of value, and valuable they are. They eat very well and have a firm, slightly flaky flesh.  

The fish come from a very hostile environment. Fish in Australian rivers must be able to cope well with the “feast and famine” nature of the rivers systems in Australia. These rivers can be dry for months, even years. Large water holes are the surviving refuge for many species of Australian native fishes, including Australian JADE perch. The fish in these water holes predate on each other for survival. After flooding the natural food supply for these fish is abundant. This glut of food is a contrast in the extreme compared to a drought situation where the fish will find getting a feed very difficult. Also during winter (usually the dry season) the fish are inactive and probably rarely feed. The stored fat will be used to help the fish survive in these situations. This is the Omega-3 fat humans need to thrive.

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